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What's Wrong with Dining?

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No one is raving about the food here at Williams. I've eaten some pretty good meals, some terrible meals, and many many mediocre meals. It's my personal opinion that almost all the food is good in theory, just not in execution.

For example, let us say that the dining hall makes eggs. Eggs should be very simple to make, and if they are made in Mission they will most likely be fine. In Whitman's, however, they will almost certainly be cold. Moreover, they will be either not fully cooked or completely dry.

Let us suppose that Dining decides to make potato salad. I love potato salad! This sounds like a great idea. However, in execution, the potato salad is mushy, with too much vinegar, under-spiced and under-salted.

Another curious thing about dining is that certain dining halls are consistently worse than others. I would think that if they have figured out how to cook for hundreds of hungry college students at Mission that the cooks would share their tips and tricks with the folks over at Whitman's. But somehow, Whitman's is always terrible.

My general criticism of Williams food is that it is too bland and too soft. But with very careful selection, a good bit of experience, and a lot of black pepper, it's possible to thoroughly enjoy most meals.

And of course, it goes without saying that I'm ever so grateful to the entire dining staff for cooking for all of us. Thank you!