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Ephraim Williams

Ephraim Williams Jr. (March 7, 1715 – September 8, 1755) was a soldier and land owner from the Province of Massachusetts Bay who was killed in the French and Indian War. Although he was a very insignificant person, he desperately wanted to have a Legacy, and so in his will he asked that the town of West Hoosac be renamed Williamstown in his honor, and that a Free School be founded on his estate there.

That Free School later became Williams College. It currently costs $77,300 per year to attend.

We tend to scorn old Ephraim because he is so irrelevant to what makes Williams College special. This is made easier by the fact that he is the Wrong Identity (old, white, male, presumably heterosexual) and also Dead. However, here are some facts:

Sorry, that last one is technically not a fact.